Friday, October 30, 2009

Ultrasound #2

I forgot to mention in my last post that my next ultrasound is scheduled for December 11. That will be just past my 20 week mark and we will be able to find out the sex!!! Not sure about elsewhere but in Canada they are not allowed to tell you the sex before 20 weeks (basically because you can't abort past 20 weeks and some people might want to terminate if the sex is not what they want). So hopefully the Fledgling will behave and not be shy and will show us the goods!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Heartbeat V.2

I had my third midwife appointment the other day. At 13.5 weeks things are going along smoothly. The best part about the appointment was getting to hear The Fledgling's heartbeat on the Doppler. When we went in for the ultrasound I didn't actually hear the heartbeat, I just saw it on the monitor. So this was the first time I had actually heard it. It was the coolest thing ever!! It sounded like people in a tunnel talking or something crazy and sci-fi like that. James was supposed to come with me to the appointment but he couldn't get out of work in time so we called him and put the mic up to the phone and he got to hear it too! How awesome is that that with modern technology he could hear his baby's heartbeat across town?! If I close my eyes I can picture the beautiful sound perfectly. It is so wonderful.

My body is definitely changing now. I looked down in the shower the other day and the veins in my breasts were so dark my boobs were blue! Of course I freaked out for a second and then realized that that is perfectly normal, especially since I have such fair skin. James is obsessed with my tummy. There is definitely a baby there now! So cool. It's still not really noticeable to others but I love it and can't stop patting and rubbing it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clothes!! (13 Weeks Pregnant)

My tummy has started to bulge a tiny bit (still nothing noticeable to others since I have a bit "extra" in that area anyways). I went to a couple thrift stores yesterday and bought my first 2 pair of maternity pants! Woo hoo! They are so comfortable I never want to wear anything else ever again. One pair was $5 (black velvety flared jeans-style) and the other was $12 (brown stretchy flared cords). Not bad considering I was looking at Thyme Maternity the other day and their pants were all at least $50 (their jeans were $70!!!). I still want to get a pair of jeans but there are a bunch more thrift stores in town that I can try and I'm sure to find something. For now, I'd like to get a Bella Band so I can wear my jeans a little bit longer (they're baggy everywhere else except the waist so even if I grow elsewhere they should be fine).

I'm still on my baby knitting frenzy (although I'm trying to get some Christmas gifts done in between). I made another pair of legwarmers and a cute litle elf hat out of some rainbow yarn that I am absolutely in love with. The yarn is so fabulous I think I'll make a toddler-sized hoodie out of it as well. I attempted to make the OpArt baby blanket yesterday but I just didn't like it. I want something special but something that I don't have to pay a lot of attention to as I'm knitting (I like to knit and watch TV) and that just wasn't going to happen with the OpArt Blanket. I found another blanket that I'm in love with and I started it last night in the softest red and black yarn. It's going to be fabulous!!! The pattern has skulls on it (which I think is pretty cute but James doesn't like for a baby blanket) so I'm going to do stars instead which will be even more awesome.
Rainbow Elf Hat & Leggies:

Checkered Baby Blanket:
(my version will be black & red with white stars)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Feeling Better

My cold or flu or whatever seemed to go away with lots of rest. I'm still not perfect but I managed to get out of bed today, get dressed, and go visit some family! Way to go me!

I bought my first article of maternity clothing today. It's not technically intended for maternity but it'll work. It's a super comfy, super stretchy thin black hoodie that will grow with me. I plan on wearing it every day for the next 6 months. My quest for non-hideous maternity jeans didn't go as well. I figured as much though, as I was in Walmart. I'll have to venture out to the rest of the mall when the time comes that I don't fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and go to the dreaded Thyme Maternity.

I finished the Fledgling's booties. I still have a bunch of the blueberry yarn left over so I'm knitting a hat to match.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Sick

Grrr.... the morning sickness is pretty much gone, only to be replaced with THE FLU! I started feeling icky Saturday night and now (Tuesday morning) still feel like a bag of crap. I have pretty much been spending my days eating, sleeping and knitting. I finished the Fledgling's legwarmers and have started on a matching pair of booties. I should probably go to the doctor but I just don't have the energy or patience to sit in a doctor's office waiting room. Grrr...

The Fledgling's Legwarmers:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

11 Weeks

Things are going pretty well. I have been feeling better for about a week. I went to Vancouver for my friend's Halloween Baby shower which was an absolute blast. We ate junk, did crafts, and all the non-pregnant folks drank booze. She got lots of prezzies and it was a success.

In other not so happy news, while I was in Vancouver I attended a memorial for my friend's 8 week old niece. Taryn was diagnosed with a heart problem while in-utero and underwent multiple surgeries on her heart in her short lifetime. She was well on the road to recovery until a day before she would have been 8 weeks. Things took a horrible turn and she didn't make it. They're still not entirely sure what happened and will have to perform an autopsy which could take a couple months to get the results. The memorial was really beautiful. My friend and her sister (Taryn's mama) put together a beautiful tribute full of photos and flowers and videos. I can't imaging the pain they are going through. To have Taryn for such a short time and to think that she was going to recover. I just can't fathom it. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch them.

The Fledgling is doing well. I of course got paranoid that something had happened when I no longer felt ill every moment of the day but I had reached the 10 week point and I think that's pretty standard for the morning sickness to decrease. I'm still not feeling absolutely perfect. I don't have to eat quite as often and I can eat a little more at a time but if I'm not careful I can feel quite gross. I hadn't been able to take my pre-natal vitamin for a few weeks -- every time I took it I felt nauseous. Luckily I had been taking it for about 9 months before I got pregnant though so some of the vitamins are stored in my body and the folic acid was in my system when I conceived and when the baby's spinal column was forming. I took a vitamin the other day and promptly threw it up about 20 minutes later. That was the first time I had actually thrown up and I have to say I didn't enjoy it.

My body is definitely changing. The casual observer wouldn't notice but James is obsessed with the size of my boobs and I am obsessed with how much they hurt (it doesn't help that I have excema on them right now which is making me miserable). My tummy has also started to bulge a tiny bit. Nothing visible to others except James and me but it is making it feel so much more real!

My lovely friend Dawn gave me a bunch of baby stuff the other day including clothes, a breast pump (yeah!!), some maternity bras, and a feeding pillow. I have also had offers from other friends to lend me their baby's clothes. I don't have a lot of money so every bit helps. I'm so lucky to have generous friends.

I finally finished the baby blanket for my friend and am able to knit for the Fledgling now! So far I have knit a tiny little hat (along with 2 other hats for friends) and am working on a little pair of legwarmers. I hear that baby legwarmers are perfect for wearing with a onesie and for diaper changes. S/he will be a Spring baby so I'm knitting them in a bamboo-blend yarn which will keep her/him warm but also allow for breathing. I found the blanket pattern I'd like to knit for the Fledgling and am excited for pay day to go buy some yarn.

Purple Newborn Hat for the Fledge:

Beginning of The Fledge's Leggwarmies:

Newborn Hat for Molly:

Molly's Blanket:

Pumpkin Hat for Gavriel:

Pattern Pic (not my own work) for The Fledgling's Blanket:
(I'll be knitting it in black and red)