Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crackers are a Girl's Best Friend

The nausea seems to have started. I was having tummy upsets last week but now I seem to only be able to eat a tiny bit at a time. I remember when Nena said crackers on your nightstand were the way to go so I bought some yesterday and they have been living in my purse. Definitely helping. No vomiting for me though, I seem to get the opposite (sorry... tmi?) and gas that James says "makes soldiers across town stand at attention". Thanks babe. I felt so gross yesterday that I couldn't eat and when I got home I was dead hungry. James had ordered a cheese pizza and Caesar salad (my favorite food in the world). I ate so much that I couldn't move and I passed out! Awesome!!

I had my first midwife appointment on Monday. It was great. She is such a wonderful woman. The perfect blend of hippie Goddess lady and medical professional. Her office is at her house and my appointment lasted for an entire hour. Her office is full of pictures of all the babies she has birthed -- I LOVED IT! She asked me my medical history and all that but she also talked to me about how I was feeling emotionally. We decided on an ultrasound Sept 25 to better estimate the due date and then another one at 20 weeks to see how the babe is and to find out the sex. She's a big supporter of natural birth but she is also practical and supports using medications and Caesareans if necessary.

Another great thing about my appointment is that Jenn told me about the birth rooms at the hospital I will be delivering at. Apparently they just had a multi-million dollar upgrade done to them. Each room is private with a shower and tub and a mini fridge! It's like a holiday. Just kidding!!!

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  1. Ughh honey I pray that your nausea doesn't last long or worsen....I have been going through hell. Just entered 2nd trimester today and still spent the day in bed with the tummy feeling like the ocean was inside it :( No fun! Me and crackers had a bad time together so I am not an advocate haha