Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick Update (25 w, 2 d)

Super quick update since our internet is only working on our patio and I am freezing my huge pregnant nipples off.

I have to say I am not entirely loving being pregnant lately. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful and I wouldn't pass this up for the world. I wanted this more than I've ever wanted anything and I love my baby so much. That being said, I am miserable. Mostly it comes from standing on my feet for 8 hours a day and having an evil cat and hip pains that wake me up all night long. By the end of my shift I feel like my feet are bleeding and I want to cry. My ribs (specifically my sternum area) hurt so much. I limp at the end of the day. My mum bought me a body pillow which is helping support my tummy and helping with the sternum pain but is not doing anything for my hips. I have actually woken up crying a couple times. I was planning on working until the beginning of April but I just don't think I can. I really need the hours to go towards my maternity leave but I am so unhappy and sore right now that I really don't know what to do.

On a positive note, the Fledgling is kicking up a storm and I love it so much. The kicks have gone from flutters to definite karate-style super kicks (possibly some Tai Bo?). Every time she kicks I fall even more in love.

I was reading Dr Sear's Breastfeeding book the other day and I thought I would check out my boobs. I gave my nipples a little twirl and a tiny bit of fluid came out! It was the coolest. I wasn't expecting anything like that for quite a while so it was pretty damn awesome.

I entered a contest to win a free "Birthing From Within" childbirthing class and I won! It's six weeks long and is taught by a Birthing From Within Mentor. I can't wait!

Anyhoo, more later since my fingers are going numb. xo

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year (22 weeks, 6 days)

So far the year is good in the world of baby. I read her a story today (James' fave childhood book "Green Eyes" about a cute cat) while my cat Spike cuddled up on top of her. I'm hoping he gets it out of his system and doesn't think he can lay on her when she's outside of my body! I also keep waking up on my back with him on my tummy. I don't know how he manages to roll me over in the middle of the night because I'm not a back sleeper at all but he seems to want to cuddle with the baby.

I've started having to sleep with my army of pillows. My friend gave me her old breastfeeding pillow which is more crescent-shaped than u-shaped so I tuck the top under my belly and the rest between my legs. It's been helping with the weight of my growing belly as well as the soreness in my hips. I really need to start exercising so my body can handle the changes. There is a $5 prenatal yoga drop-in downtown which I'm going to check out.

The Fledgling has been kicking up a tiny little storm. She loves her daddy's voice (it's very deep) and gets excited whenever he talks to her. He was reciting poetry to her one night last week (not sure what it was exactly but it was totally not baby-appropriate) and when he pulled back she kicked so hard my belly moved! It was amazing. Due to my placenta being in the front it took forever to start feeling her kicks so I wasn't expecting anyone else to feel her kicks for another month or so. James put his hand on my tummy and she kicked again and he got to feel it. It is seriously the coolest thing ever! She was quiet for a couple days and I only felt a couple of kicks. Of course I started getting worried and paranoid. Apparently she was just saving up all of her energy to go dancing on New Year's Eve since that's what she did last night as I lay in bed with James.

James and I have spent the last few days going through all of our crap and purging. Anyone who reads this who knows me in 'real life' know what huge pack rats we are. It's disgusting. We are taking full advantage of the dumpsters located in our complex and have taken out about 10 bags of crap in the last few days. I feel bad for not taking it all to Salvation Army or the recycling depot but I know myself and that even if it is super-organized to be taken to be donated it will sit in my living room for weeks and then end up back in a closet. I keep finding things I was sure I threw out in our last move and I think random boxes I meant to donate just made their way in the moving truck and over here! We put in a request for a 3-bedroom in our complex. Since today is the first of the month and we didn't hear from our landlords I am assuming nothing is available this month. I'm ok with that though since it will give us another month to get rid of stuff.

Anyhoo, off to more cleaning now. And eating chocolate! Happy New Year to you all. xo