Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Beautiful Girl

I went for my 3D Ultrasound yesterday and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever. My mum and I drove down to Victoria where we met Heather and Molly who had come over from Vancouver for the ultrasound. The technician asked me strait away whether I wanted to know the sex ("yes!!!!!!!!") and told us right away that IT'S A GIRL!!! I was so excited that I burst into tears. I know I would have loved my baby no matter what but I just wanted a girl so much. I already have 2 boys and really wanted to even things out a bit.

She is a beautiful little girl and I fall in love with her more every minute. She was being shy for most of the ultrasound so most pictures have her arm right up by her head. The tech was still able to get some amazing images (including one of her smiling!).

My beautiful Lyric Maggie O'Callaghan:

Kicking Mum

Pretty Girl

Bendy Baby

My absolute favorite of her beautiful smiling face:

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