Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Silly Boys (CD 10)

James thinks I got pregnant last night. I tried to explain to him that for a woman with a 30-33 day cycle who usually ovulates between CD17 and CD20 that intercourse on CD9 is most likely just recreational/practice. He doesn't care. He's convinced. I don't agree with him but I like his confidence. He said, "we can still have sex every other day until you ovulate and then after you ovulate but it doesn't matter -- you're pregnant". His confidence gives me strength. I love him so much. xo
ps: I knew it was too early but I took an ovulation test anyways. It was negative. But I love to see the pale blue line slowly build throughout the beginning of my cycle until the monstrously triumphant bright blue surge on Ovulation Day. I'm happy to know that I ovulate. Makes me feel proud that I'm doing something right.

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