Thursday, October 29, 2009

Heartbeat V.2

I had my third midwife appointment the other day. At 13.5 weeks things are going along smoothly. The best part about the appointment was getting to hear The Fledgling's heartbeat on the Doppler. When we went in for the ultrasound I didn't actually hear the heartbeat, I just saw it on the monitor. So this was the first time I had actually heard it. It was the coolest thing ever!! It sounded like people in a tunnel talking or something crazy and sci-fi like that. James was supposed to come with me to the appointment but he couldn't get out of work in time so we called him and put the mic up to the phone and he got to hear it too! How awesome is that that with modern technology he could hear his baby's heartbeat across town?! If I close my eyes I can picture the beautiful sound perfectly. It is so wonderful.

My body is definitely changing now. I looked down in the shower the other day and the veins in my breasts were so dark my boobs were blue! Of course I freaked out for a second and then realized that that is perfectly normal, especially since I have such fair skin. James is obsessed with my tummy. There is definitely a baby there now! So cool. It's still not really noticeable to others but I love it and can't stop patting and rubbing it.


  1. Start taking baby bump pictures!!!!

  2. I had to do some laundry first because I didn't have anything I wanted my picture taken in. Just finished laundry and will take some pix tomorrow!