Thursday, December 17, 2009

Healthy but Shy (20 weeks, 5 days)

I went for my 20 week ultrasound on Friday, Dec 11. It was pretty damn awesome! The baby slept through most of the exam but then the technician poked her to wake her up and she went crazy!! It was the coolest thing ever -- head was shaking, fists were pumping, and legs were kicking. She was not impressed to be woken up at all! That's mama's baby for sure.

The great news is that everything is growing where it should be and at the right pace. Her heart has all of its chambers and valves and her other organs are all in place as well. I'm pretty sure I saw at least 30 toes but the technician was comfortable with what she saw so I'm assuming I'm wrong.

Yes, I am calling the Fledgling "her". We had hoped to be able to confirm the baby's sex at the ultrasound but she was being shy or just naughty. There was a foot in the way for most of the pictures (but a pretty little foot indeed). The technician tried numerous angles but the precious gems eluded us no matter what. There was definitely nothing dangling down in any of the pix however. James took this to mean that it is a girl to which the technician agreed was a fair assumption. So I am going to call the baby a girl until I find out otherwise. Long before I even got pregnant we referred to our eventual baby as a girl anyways so it's only been since I was actually pregnant that I even considered it would be a boy!

James and I agreed that we can't wait another 20 weeks to find out what the Fledgling is so we are going to shell out the $150 to get the 3D ultrasound done. I have an appointment for February 3rd which seems forever away, but it is sooner than May 1 (my due date) so I think I can hang in there. Besides getting the ultrasound done for my own satisfaction, I think it will be really cool for the Fledgling to see herself moving around inside my tummy when she gets older. I know that I would certainly love to have something like that of myself and my mum so I can only hope my baby will as well.

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  1. Woo hoo 3D ultra sound! I can't wait to see pictures.