Sunday, December 20, 2009


I've been feeling the first kicks for a few days now (Dec 17th was the first time!). It is seriously the most awesome thing ever!!! I keep thinking my tummy is about to rumble but then I realize it's her saying "hey mama!". So cool. So very cool.

We've had a rough couple days. One of my wisdom teeth decided it needed to remind me who is boss so it pushed itself up and is pushing all of my other teeth out of the way. It is also infected. This is something I should have dealt with a long time ago, and certainly before I got pregnant but I am a huge procrastinator and was hoping it would behave for 9 months (stupid me!). I was in so much pain the other night that I laid in bed for an hour sobbing until James finally told me I needed to go to the hospital. The doctor couldn't really do much except tell me I couldn't take Advil (boo!) but that I could take Morphine for a couple days until I could get into a dentist. I only ended up needing the morphine that night and have been saving the rest in case it gets really bad again. I haven't been able to get a dentist appointment (yeah.... not a whole lot of options the week of Christmas) but I am hoping for the best. Hopefully the penicillin will do its job and I can deal with my evil teeth in the new year.

On better baby news, we have decided to definitely get the 3D ultrasound done. Our appointment is February 3 in Victoria. My friend and her baby are going to come over from Vancouver and my mum is going to come down with us as well. I can't wait!


  1. Yay! Baby kicks ARE definitely so very cool! And they only get cooler (and stronger) from here on in! Just wait until she kicks your book out of the way, or makes you spill hot drinks on your lap. :)
    I understand how much pain wisdom teeth can cause, and unfortunately our gums are in even worse shape while pregnant. But I'd much rather see you take Tylenol before you indulge in Morphine. Morphine given to labouring mothers can result in a drowsy baby, I can only assume it'd be the same during pregnancy. I don't want to alarm you, it's perfectly safe (otherwise the doctor wouldn't have suggested it) but it's just a little on the harsh side for my personal preference.

  2. Aww yay! Baby kicks are def the bestest part of being pregnant! Wait until you can see your belly move that is even cooler! So sorry about your teeth issues ughhh I need to get to the dentist myself! Hope they let you get through the holidays pain free. And you know I am ecstatic for you to get that 3D u/s done weeeeeeeeeee :)

  3. Ashley -- that's exactly what I was thinking too but it didn't seem to affect the baby. The one time I took it, I was totally relaxed and was worried that the baby would be too relaxed too but then she let out her biggest kick ever! It was so weird. I certainly am not going to take the rest of the pills though unless I am in as much pain as that night. I'm still trying to get an appointment with a dentist but the penecillin seems to have fixed the swelling and infection so I should be ok now.