Thursday, August 20, 2009

2WW Continued (CD 33, 12 DPO)

The wait is killing me. It kills me every month. I was thinking today about how many 2WW's I have endured. We started throwing caution to the wind a couple months before our wedding (June 21, 2008 if yr interested) so it's been about 15 cycles. I wasn't charting the whole time or actually "trying" the whole time but we were having unprotected sex whenever we felt like it. So 15 cycles of 2WW's is ummm...... let me get out my calculator.... is 210 days of waiting for my period. And that's assuming my 2ww is actually 14 days, in actuality it's usually 16-18. And then there's those months where my body decides to ovulate late so I end up feeling like I'm waiting even longer because my cycle turns into 35 days or so and I'm just waiting to ovulate already and stop having to have sex on demand. So come on already! Hasn't my time come!

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