Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 Posts in One Day? I must be a sucker for pain. (CD31 cont...)

One would think that on CD31 you could start getting excited about a late period or at least thinking about the possibility of a positive EPT. Well, nope! Not here! My period used to be every 28 days. For as long as I can remember. Then I decided to "start trying". That month my cycle was 35 days. Hmmm..... it's gone on from there anywhere between 29 and 44 days (I'm thinking the 44 day month was either stress of a miscarriage. Can't be sure). But now thanks to FF and the glory of ovulation 'piss strips' I have a general idea of when I ovulated.
So silly me, I was having a rotten day yesterday so I decided to perk myself up with a BIGFUCKINGNEGATIVE EPT. Yeah me! Do I know how to have fun or what? So now we wait another couple of days where I wonder if every pain, twinge, or mood swing is PMS or Pregnancy.

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