Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I was seeing an OB-GYN to figure out why we weren't getting pregnant. I made a pre-natal appointment with her for Sept 16 which seems SO FAR AWAY (welcome to the world of waiting for you baby, Kat). I don't actually want her to deliver my baby anyhow though, I have always wanted a midwife. In Canada (or BC at least) your birth is covered by a doctor or a midwife either way so I feel incredibly lucky.

I always thought that my friend's mum would be my midwife. She was the first midwife I ever met and she's an amazing witchy woman. She's a wild hippie lady (sometimes a little too wild though!) but a total sweetheart. Well, it turns out that she is the midwife from James' youngest son's birth. It might sound totally catty but I don't want the same midwife as his ex-wife. I'm not comfortable with that at all and I think my baby's birth is something I need to be totally comfortable during.

So I consulted my local mamma friends and got a recommendation for a lady named Jen. And I have an appointment with her on Monday!!!! I am so excited. She's actually a customer at the cafe I used to work at. I remember her being really sweet but really shy. I spoke to her on the phone though and she seemed lovely. So I'll have an update on my baby way sooner than I expected. i am so excited!!

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