Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sharing the News

So far I have told everyone who matters (and then maybe a few more). I really wanted to wait but we just couldn't hold it in. We've been trying for so long that a lot of my friends know when my period is due and they start asking questions around that time. So far I've made 2 friends cry on the phone, my mum screamed and squealed and kept saying "thank you" and my dad celebrated by getting super drunk and repeatedly toasting me with champagne while I drank a nice mug of water.

We went over to my mum's because she had some stuff for us (well for the baby!). She got some tiny little socks, a rattle and a beautiful book, Teeny Tiny Baby. She was so cute and proud and asked me a million questions about how I'm feeling.

After mum's we went for dinner at my dad's house for my step-grandmother's 85th birthday. We told everyone our news and they didn't seem as excited as I thought they would be. I then sat through 4 hours of being told what I should and should not do (my name choices are bad, I shouldn't find out the sex, and I can go ahead and drink the whole time. Hmm... I think I'll just stick with my own decisions thank you very much). I eventually couldn't take it anymore and pretended I wasn't feeling well so we made our exit.

James got a little tipsy at my dad's (I'm the drinker in the family but he's taking over while I'm out of commission). We went to Walmart after dinner at my dad's to look at baby stuff. I know it's crazy early to be buying anything but I wanted to get something myself for my baby. I picked out a super cute newborn size white sleeper with an embroidered bear sleeping surrounded by stars and moons and hearts. James then proceeded to walk it down the aisle at Walmart (pretending there ws a baby walking in it) telling anyone who would listen that I am pregnant. I was hugely embarrassed but he was so proud and so cute that I couldn't help laughing. The cashier was laughing so hard I thought she'd cry. Then on the ride home he held the sleeper on his chest and cuddled it and talked to it the whole time.

I seem to have adjusted my sleep patterns already. I've always gone to bed ridiculously late and woken up equally late. The past 2 nights I've been in bed by 10 and asleep by 11. I can't seem to sleep past 8:30 (I generally sleep until at least noon if I don't have any reason to get up). It could also help that I'm only drinking one cup of coffee a day now so I'm not totally wired.

I'm going to a Chocolate Fountain party at my friend's house tonight. She' one of my fabulous Witchy friends who did a belly blessing for us to get pregnant many months ago. I can't wait to be surrounded by a bunch of fabulous (nontraditional!) women after the onslaught of last night. xo

I finally found my camera and some batteries so here's a pic of the onesie I bought:


  1. *HUGS* I'm still so happy for you! I'm sorry your family was difficult. There is probably going to be a whole lot more of that in the months ahead, just treat it the same way your guys treated your awesome wedding. Politely tell them to bugger off, and do what is right for you, James, and baby ;).

  2. I was thinking the same thing - it's totally like wedding planning! A nice non-committal "Thank you for your advice" worked well for me. ;)

    Most of my friends refused to tell *anyone* their name choices, because of how people feel so weirdly comfortable critiquing them.

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  4. I think I'll just tell people we haven't decide on names yet. At least until we find out the sex and then it's a definite. People seem more inclined to criticize when it's something in the abstract than when things are definite. We decided what we were naming our girl two years ago! An opinion of someone not me or james isn't going to change that. I can't wait until the topics of co-sleeping, breastfeeding, midwives, baby-wearing, and Waldorf or homeschooling come up! Yeah! Fun times. xo

  5. Awww so happy for you! And nothing like pregnancy to be able to get you out of situations you don't want to be in ;) have fun at the choco fountain party!

  6. the story about James in Wal*Mart made me smile. you guys are too cute and I'm so happy for you!!