Friday, August 21, 2009

Holy Shit! (CD 34, 13DPO)

After I wrote last night I read a friend's blog who was waiting for results from her IUI. I was feeling inspired so I took a test.

There's a line!

I couldn't sleep for hours after that. It's a faint line but it's there. I can't believe it. James is trying not to get too exited. I just woke up and took another test.

There's another line!!

This one is still pretty faint but there is no doubt that it's there. This seriously could be it. I could be pregnant! Going to try to sleep some more and go to a clinic for a blood test later. xo


    So excited and nervous for you! Hoping and praying this is it for you guys!!!! We need more offbeat Mamas in this world afterall ;)
    Sounds weird but my tests were always darker at night time! Best wishes hun!!!!

  2. my test last night was darker than this morning. But the one at the clinic was darker!